USA – rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, map

USA - rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, map

USA (United States of America) are located mainly on the North American continent, extending from east to west from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. The nearest neighbors of the country by land are Mexico and Canada, along the Bering Strait, the United States borders on Russia. In addition to 48 continental states, America also includes Alaska and Hawaii, and it also owns some islands in the Caribbean and the Pacific.

The United States occupies the third place in the world in terms of the number of people, today more than 313 million people of different races and nationalities live there. White accounts for about 84% of the population, Africans – 12%, Hispanics – 9%, Asians and Pacific Islanders – 3%, American Indians in the United States today, less than 1%.

Americans are considered a very religious nation, about 88% of the US population consider themselves believers. Of these, 78% are Christians (mostly Protestants and Catholics), and there are also representatives of Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism in the country.

The state language in the United States is English, more than 73% of Americans consider it to be a native language. The state currency in the country is the US dollar (USD).

USA – the capital and major cities

The capital of the United States of America is the city of Washington, named after the first president of the country, George Washington. Now there are more than 5 600 thousand people permanently living there. In Washington there are important government institutions, including the residence of the US President in the White House, as well as numerous monuments and museums of national importance, the entrance to which is free for all visitors.

Other important cities of the USA are: New York (economic, business and cultural center of the country), Chicago (city of blues), Las Vegas (city of casinos, neon lights and vibrant nightlife), Los Angeles (the city that gave the world to Hollywood) , Orlando (the city of Disneyland), Miami (the city of golden beaches), San Francisco.

USA – Holidays and Tours

Tours in the US are staggering with a variety of tourist destinations. First of all, these are sightseeing tours that allow you to get acquainted with the ethnic characteristics and traditions of each state, to visit outstanding sights that are associated with the most important events and personalities of world history, as well as the magnificent galleries of New York and Washington.

For fans of ecotourism there are many unique places with landscapes of extraordinary beauty and natural monuments located on a vast territory from sunny Florida to the ice-covered Alaska.

Popular and educational tours in the US, which choose to learn a language or improve their knowledge using the most effective teaching methods.

In addition, a trip to the US is also a wonderful shopping, an abundance of entertainment for every taste and an unforgettable experience from getting to know this amazing country.

United States – attractions

The capital of the United States, first of all, will be of interest to those who are interested in the rich historical past of this amazing country. Here you can visit the Capitol, which became a symbol of American statehood, the White House, see the monuments of Washington and other American presidents, visit Arlington Cemetery with the tombs of John and Robert Kennedy, the National Picture Gallery, the Astronautics Museum with a unique collection of aircraft and other exhibits. In addition, there are many various boutiques, beautiful parks, cafes and shops.

It is impossible to visit America and not look at its symbol – the Statue of Liberty, located in New York on Ellis Island, where from the southern part of Manhattan can be reached by ferry. Today, Manhattan is famous for its skyscrapers and Broadway, which has presented the world with a huge number of vivid performances.

In another, business part of New York, Downtown, is the famous New York Stock Exchange. In Lincoln Center you can visit the Metropolitan Opera, the concert hall “Avery Fisher Hall”, as well as other theaters and concert halls. Also in New York, guests of the country are waiting for the Metropolitan Museum, where you can see the richest collection of paintings of American and European artists, as well as an exhibition of monuments of culture of the ancient world and the Ancient East.

In Chicago, there is the Sears Tower, which is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. Here you can also visit the John Hancock Observatory with unique telescopes, which give an opportunity to see 80 sights of the city; Exhibition Center McCormick, the venue for industrial exhibitions.

America is famous for its national parks and reserves, the largest of which is Yellowstone with its 200 geysers and gorges; The Grand Canyon is the largest river canyon in the world, where you can tour the canyon by helicopter and cruise down the Colorado; Meteor-Kreite, on the territory of which there is a grand crater from the fall of the meteorite, and many other parks. Florida and California are famous for their beaches, Great Lakes, Niagara Falls.

USA – weather (climate)

America occupies a huge area, so all its climatic zones are represented on its territory. So, in the north of Alaska you can observe the arctic climate, in the south of Florida – tropical. Accordingly, the weather, characteristic of the country as a whole, can not speak. For example, the north-east and the middle west are characterized by long winters with temperatures below 0 ° C, and at the same time in the southern part of the US it is warm and sunny. However, in California it’s warm and sunny always.

For Hawaii and the coast of Florida is characterized by a tropical marine climate with the influence of tropical cyclones, which in May-November cause a lot of precipitation, which, however, alternate with sunny weather.

Weather in United States now:

USA - rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, mapUSA - rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, map

USA – kitchen

The stereotype existing in the world that the US culinary traditions are limited to hamburgers and other fast food is fundamentally wrong. The cuisine of America is deliciously diverse, thanks to the multinationality of its population. It is represented by European, Asian, African and Indian dishes. Today every big city in the US has restaurants that represent the cuisine of almost any nationality.

In small private restaurants you can get the most complete idea of ​​what characteristic features and dishes distinguish the cuisine of each state. For example, Washington will delight lovers of lobsters and crabs; Louisiana will offer its guests French seafood dishes; in Arizona and Texas, they love dishes more sharply, which are close to Mexican; In Minnesota, you can taste dishes from wild rice cooked according to Indian recipes; Florida will delight gourmet pie with lime, and the list of such dishes can be very, very long. To understand what is American cuisine, you need to visit this country.

Interesting facts about the USA

A country that has such a vast territory and a motley national composition can hardly have a single model of behavior and traditions. However, there are general trends.

Most of the Americans are very friendly, and they are interested in communicating with the guests of the country. However, the right of every citizen to a regular life here is immutably respected, and their sociability always has boundaries. In the US, for example, it is not customary to sit down at someone else’s table without an invitation, even if there are vacant seats.

Americans are very punctual. Here no one will give way to you in public transport, will not take off shoes at the entrance to the premises, but even to well-known people will come only after preliminary approval of their visit.

Americans like to reduce the names of interlocutors to their American counterparts, regardless of the wishes of the latter.

Behavior at the table here is based on European norms, Americans like good serving and do not welcome violations at the table of hygiene standards or etiquette. Interestingly, here in restaurants and cafes do not leave anything on the table. Do not be surprised if everything that you do not eat, you will be packaged in a bag and handed out.

In America, it is allowed to drink alcohol from the age of 21, and many cafes or bars people who have not reached this age can not simply get into it, and if they do, without a document confirming their age, nobody will sell alcohol to them. In this case, beer is not considered an alcoholic beverage and is sold everywhere. But smoking in public places here is strictly prohibited.

USA – visa processing

To visit the United States, citizens of Russia and CIS countries need a visa. It can be a guest, tourist, educational, and temporary work visa in the country. Tourist trip can be made with a tourist visa B-2, for which you need to apply to the US Embassy and provide a valid foreign passport, application form and the established list of documents, as well as pay a consular fee of $ 160.

United States – Embassy

The US Embassy in the Russian Federation is located in Moscow, in Bolshoy Devyatinsky Lane, 8. You can call there by telephone (495) 787-31-67, 974-88-43, (495) 728-5588 (consular department).

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