The 10 most frustrating sights of the planet

The 10 most frustrating sights of the planet

Few people do not like traveling. Someone prefers to spend their holidays on a warm beach under the gentle rays of the sun, while others decide to go to a country rich in history and amazing sights. Going to the country, tourists already imagine how they will admire the unique objects of architecture and art, which they dream of for a long time. Unfortunately, it often happens that the sights are not as beautiful as they are described. The advertised creations of humanity are not often left behind after not the best impression. This article will tell you about which famous attractions are most often disappointing tourists.

Manneken Pis in Brussels

The 10 most frustrating sights of the planet

A famous Brussels figure, located at the intersection of the two main streets. The main problem is that the figure is very small, and in this case the size matters.

Since the height of the “Manneken Pis” is only 61 centimeters, it is very difficult to consider, considering the huge crowd of tourists from all over the world. In addition, in this crowd smartly manages a lot of pickpockets, so that the impression of viewing the sculpture can deteriorate even more.

Topkapi Palace in Istanbul

The 10 most frustrating sights of the planet

Turkey is one of the most popular resorts in the world. Sights of the country are advertised no worse than beaches, so those wishing to look at these eastern miracles every year become more and more. The famous Turkish palace, in which the sultans used to live, offers a fascinating walk through the rooms of the building for a very high price. Impressed tourists, after listening to fairy tales, after forty minutes come out completely disappointed. The main attraction of the palace is a magnificent mosaic that is present in many other castles, although the entrance to them is several times cheaper.

Stonehenge in the UK

The 10 most frustrating sights of the planet

Alien heritage, a secret in the heart of Europe – everyone calls this pile of cobblestones in his own way. Despite what looks like Stonehenge mystically and invitingly, the tour greatly disappoints tourists. First, people who are not interested in history and archeology, will find a heap of stones uninteresting. Secondly, during a visit to Stonehenge touching stones and touching them is prohibited, since the administration is afraid of theft. Thirdly, at a permitted time to visit a mysterious place there is going to a huge number of tourists, so it’s extremely difficult to inspect anything.

Photos of Stonehenge on the Internet is a great job of photographers in Photoshop. In fact, there is no such a beautiful blue sky, bright green grass, but in general the landscape looks rather boring.

Mona Lisa in Paris

The 10 most frustrating sights of the planet

Probably, there is no person who would not have heard of the picture of Mona Lisa. This masterpiece is in the Louvre, where almost all travelers tend to get, mainly because of the picture. The picture, which depicts a woman with a mysterious smile, beckons to her.

Tourists, having stood in line a lot of time in the museum, remain disappointed. According to them, the picture should be larger, but fewer people. If it were so, then maybe they could appreciate the picture.

Floating Market in Bangkok

The 10 most frustrating sights of the planet

The famous floating market in Bangkok is unique and unique in its way. In any case, so say a person who arranges excursions. However, no one warns that the market is also quite dangerous. Local traders for the sake of demonstrating their skills very often do not pay attention to collisions with other boats. All this leads to injuries not only competitors but also tourists.

In addition, it is worth remembering that Asian food is very different from European cuisine, so not every stomach can overpower it. Some tourists at the mere recollection of this place shudder, so it is worth considering before you go on such an exciting journey.

Avenue of stars in Hong Kong

The 10 most frustrating sights of the planet

Clingy merchants, petty scammers and a small figure of Bruce Lee – that’s exactly what tourists do not expect from a publicized place. Find the figure of the famous actor, singer or athlete is extremely difficult, though any local will certainly help in this, naturally not for free. In addition, it is worth remembering that souvenirs sold on the street, Chinese production, and therefore, and excellent quality can not be expected.

Buckingham Palace in London

The 10 most frustrating sights of the planet

Hearing the word “palace”, most people begin to imagine in their imagination luxurious decorations, a wonderful park and portraits of famous kings. In reality, very often everything turns out differently. So, to see Buckingham Palace can only be from afar because of the fence. Inside tourists are naturally not allowed, so tourists have to settle for small. Instead of the palace you can visit the Tower, rich in treasures and secrets. This is really an exciting excursion.

Angel of the North in Gateshead

The 10 most frustrating sights of the planet

The biggest image of an angel in the world is a sculpture called “Angel of the North”, created by Anthony Gormley. The British claim that the angel does not represent anything interesting, what’s more, they call him a terrible monster.

Indeed, the only thing a sculpture can boast of is its size, but it does not represent any artistic value. What can we say about fiberglass wings, which should create a sense of embrace.

The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

The 10 most frustrating sights of the planet

The symbol of pure and sincere love loses all its beauty because of the place in which the sculpture is located. Every child and even an adult who watched the stunningly staged Disney cartoon about the little mermaid wants to see a beautiful mermaid by the coast. Little Mermaid from Copenhagen is surrounded by far from pure and fantastic species, so at the sight of the sculpture the opinion immediately deteriorates. Tourists claim that it is high time to move the monument to another place, so that little children and lovers can quietly admire it.

Medina Marrakech in Morocco

The 10 most frustrating sights of the planet

Poverty, filth, noise and vanity are the main characteristics of the famous Medina in Morocco. This old part of the city is absolutely devoid of the romanticism and beauty that is attributed to it.

And yet there is a place on the Medina, which is worth a visit. In this case we are talking about the square of Djema-el-Fna, entered in UNESCO.

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