Saudi Arabia – rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, map

Saudi Arabia - rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, map

The largest state of the Arabian Peninsula is the Saudi Arabia. The type of device is the kingdom. The country divides its borders in the north with Kuwait, Iraq and Jordan, in the east – with the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, in the southeast – with Oman and in the south – with Yemen. Water borders pass along the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea. It should be noted that the country is not characterized by an accurately delineated territory.

Saudi Arabia is often associated with mosques, the main of which are in Mecca and Medina. They are sacred places of Islam.

The main wealth of the country is a huge number of oil fields. Export of black gold became the dominant position in the economy of the state. This sector accounts for 75% of the total gross product.

Saudi Arabia is populated by 28.68 million people, of whom 90% are Arabs, the rest are Asians and East Africans. Islam became the predominant religion. In the country it is recognized as the state form of religion. Popularization of other dogmas is prohibited. For visiting foreigners, not Muslims, it is unacceptable to visit the main shrines. The observance of traditions is monitored by the local religious police service – muttava.

The official language is Arabic, and the currency is Saudi riyal. It is equal to 100 halalam. The rate is about 1 euro to 4.75 rials.

Saudi Arabia – the capital and major cities

The capital of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh. Its population is 4.87 million people. This is a huge city, whose name means “the place of trees and gardens.” There really is a lot of greenery.

Previously, these territories were inhabited by nomadic Arabs. But by the 18th century the Wahhabi center was formed. Around him were joined the neighboring land. So there was a state with the capital of Riyadh.

The population of the city began to grow rapidly after the 1950s. Oil revenues have transformed this place into a modern developed metropolis with luxurious buildings. Here the mass of skyscrapers, and the development and implementation of grandiose projects is considered the norm of life in the capital city.

The tallest building in the capital, and throughout the country, is the Burj al-Mamlyak building. Now here was the construction of a huge metro, which will be the second after the metro in Mecca.

A feature of Saudi Arabia is the concentration of the bulk of the population in cities. In addition to the capital, a large number of cities characterized by Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, Dammam, Haftzhi and others.

Saudi Arabia – tours

On the first place among the types of tourism in this country are visits with the goal of worshiping shrines. Pilgrims became the main source of profit from the tourism business. Millions of believers come to the “country of two mosques” every year.

In addition to religious tourism, Saudi Arabia attracts the opportunity to get acquainted with the magnificent cultural values ​​that have survived and survived through many centuries.

Traditional is a beach holiday on the coast of the sea and the bay. The hot sun all year round gives tourists the opportunity to luxuriate on golden sand and splash in warm waters.

Visiting businessmen also make up a significant part of the guests of the country. The conclusion of business contracts with local firms is an excellent opportunity for business development.

Saudi Arabia – attractions

Guests of the country are recommended to visit the Museum of Riyadh. There is a free entrance. There are expositions that introduce tourists to the culture and traditions of Saudi Arabia. Here they receive special access to view other historical monuments of the country.

In the city of Diraya are interesting excavations of mosques and palaces.

The city of Jeddah, located on the Red Sea – the main port of the country. It is the most powerful industrial center of the state. He was nicknamed “the city of statues and markets.” A magnificent fountain 312 meters high became the main attraction.

There are 140 mosques in the country, and each of them is a cultural and national value. They are unique in outline, so they are all unique.

Mecca and Medina are the spiritual capitals of Islam. Hajj gathers millions of believers here, access is strictly forbidden to representatives of other faiths.

Saudi Arabia – weather (climate)

The main part of the country’s territory is occupied by deserts and semi-deserts. Accordingly, the climate here is arid and hot. In the Arabian Peninsula, summer temperatures are constantly at around +50 degrees. Snow falls in mountain areas, but not annually.

The coldest winter month is January. At this time, the average temperature index is approximately +15 degrees in the mountainous areas, and in the deserts – +30. But at night there can be a sharp cooling even in the desert, then the thermometer will stop at about 0 degrees. This is due to the physical characteristics of the sand, which is capable of instantly giving off the heat received during the day.

There is very little precipitation. For a year their number is only 100mm. Rains are possible only at the end of the winter period or early spring.

Weather in Saudi Arabia now:

Saudi Arabia - rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, mapSaudi Arabia - rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, map

Saudi Arabia – cuisine

The cuisine of this country was formed under the influence of historical features, as well as natural and climatic conditions. Here, as in all Arab countries, traditions are sacredly honored. The products used for cooking are common to all Muslims. Even minor differences, which are due to ethnic diversity, relate mostly to minor aspects of cooking: the addition of spices or seafood.

Muslims do not eat pork at all. Therefore, beef, fish, poultry and eggs are cooked here. Favorite food is fried meat, cooked on charcoal or frying pan with the addition of a large amount of vegetable oil.

A traditional dish is meat on a spit (“kultra”). Most often it’s a lamb or a bird. The shish kebab here has the name “tika”. Often prepared shaverma (“shvarma”). A “kebab” – marinated shish kebab from beef or lamb, does not leave indifferent any gourmet. And there are about hundred variants of kebab preparation, and each of them is a work of culinary art.

In general, meat is very loved here. It is prepared with whole carcasses, chunks or in a chopped form. Plov (“maklyube”) is one of the favorite dishes of local cuisine.

From vegetables to meat are served eggplants, peppers, zucchini. Popular meat soups. They are very thick, and the main ingredient is beans.

Preparation of various varieties of poultry is widespread. It is stewed with the addition of tomato paste or sauce. There are many different recipes for cooking ducks, turkey, chicken, quail. They are stuffed with rice or vegetables, baked or roasted on the grill.

Rice is the main type of garnish. It is also necessary to have a salad of fresh green vegetables on the dining table.

Eastern cuisine can not do without spices. Onions, garlic, spices are ingredients that give each dish a taste and aroma.

Eastern sweets (dessert) are known to all. Lukum, halva, candied fruits – these delicacies have grown to be loved not only by the local population, but also by the sweethearts of the whole world.

Coffee became a traditional drink for conversation. It is prepared in a special way and consumed with miniature cups. Since the local drink is very strong, tourists who are not used to it are better off restricting its use.

Saudi Arabia – interesting facts

In Saudi Arabia, the standards of behavior are completely different from Western traditions.

To foreign mercenaries there is a disdainful attitude. People who work for hire are treated as slaves. It is permissible to involve them in the most difficult and dirty work. Even assault. The master will not be judged if he physically punishes the negligent performer who has come from another state.

Polygamy is the norm of life here. Marriage with minors is also natural, as is normal marriage. Age qualification in this state to marry does not exist. The fate of her daughter is decided by her parents, regardless of her personal desires. The prophet Muhammad himself was engaged to a 6-year-old girl named Aisha. Therefore, there are Muslims with whom to take a similar example.

A woman in Saudi Arabia is completely powerless. Household cruelty is a common phenomenon. Prove the fact of beating her husband is extremely difficult, so most often such conflicts are left unattended by the authorities, even if a woman and write a complaint statement.

Saudi Arabia – Visa Processing

For a trip to Saudi Arabia, you need to issue a visa. Types of visas are as follows:
• Working,
• Student,
• Transit,
• Business,
• Guest,
• Group (for pilgrims).

Any tour is organized by an accredited company. Tourist visas are not provided for this country.

The following documents should be submitted to the Visa Application Center:
• Passport and civil passport,
• Application form (to be filled in English and Russian),
• Photo,
• Tickets, including hotel reservations,
• For women – a copy of the certificate of marriage or the confirmation of kinship with the man accompanying her on a trip.

The price of the visa fee is 56 US dollars.

Saudi Arabia – Embassy

In Moscow, the Embassy of Saudi Arabia is located along the 3rd Neapolimovsky Lane, house 3. Phone: (+7 095) 245-3491.

Map of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia - rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, map

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