Czech Republic – rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, map

Czech Republic - rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, map

Czech Republic – this is the country for which such concepts as “low season” are not applicable. Every year millions of tourists from all over the world wish to visit the Czech Republic regardless of the season.

One of the most beautiful countries in the world, the Czech Republic is located in the heart of Europe. It borders on the north with Poland, in the south with Austria, in the east its neighbor is Slovakia, and the western neighbor of the country is Germany. Czech Republic is a country of exquisite architectural monuments, magnificent beauty of landscapes and magnificent resorts, which occupy one of the leading places among the balneal resorts of the world.

The total territory of the Czech Republic is 78,864 square kilometers, and it is home to over 10.2 million people, of which 81.2% are Czechs, 13.1% are Moravians, 3.1% are Slovaks, 0.6% – Poles and 0.5% – Germans. The official language of the country is Czech, but Slovak, English and Russian are also used. The national currency is the Czech crown. The Czech Republic is a republic in which the legislative power belongs to the parliament, and the executive is in the hands of the president of the country. The leading place in the religion of the Czech Republic is Catholicism (40% of the population). Also in the country there are adherents of the Czech Reformed Church, Protestants and many other Christian communities and denominations. It should be noted that the Czech Republic is the most atheistic state in Europe, more than 50% of the population does not belong to any of the religions.

Czech Republic – big cities

The largest cities in the Czech Republic – is primarily a pearl of the country, its capital – a majestic and picturesque Prague, which has about 1.4 million people.
Also, the major cities of the country are – Brno (392 thousand people);
– Ostrava (332 thousand people);
– Plze ((175 thousand people);
– Olomouc (106 thousand people);
– Usti nad Labem (100 thousand people);
– Liberec (100 thousand people).

Czech Republic – recreation and tourism

The Czech Republic is among the most visited countries in Europe. Unusually attractive, very hospitable Czech Republic – it is a unique charm of the Middle Ages, a paradise for beer lovers, an atmosphere of romantic royal beauty, miraculous sources of world-class therapeutic resorts. This is a magnificent country of wonderful opportunities that you want to visit, and from which you do not want to leave.

Tour to the Czech Republic is a real dream for lovers of active recreation, admirers of high quality health resorts, lovers of mountains, fishing, water sports and scenic nature. Traveling to the Czech Republic is an opportunity to personally see all the chic of the Middle Ages, which is incredibly harmoniously intertwined with the modernity of the cities of the country.

Especially Czech Republic is famous all over the world for its medical fashionable resorts, among which the most popular among tourists are:
– Karlovy Vary. It is the largest resort of the country, which has 12
unique in their chemical composition of mineral springs.
– The spa Mariánské Lázně stands out not only for its special healing properties, but also for its
– One of the most attractive resorts in the Czech Republic is Frantiskovy Lazne,
which is located in the amazing beauty of a mountain plain with beautiful
forest parks.

This is only a small part of the numerous resorts of the Czech Republic, which are worthy of attention.

Of course, the main highlight of the country is the beauty of Prague, which is rightfully called the most beautiful city in Europe. Prague is one of the most romantic and mystical cities in the world. It has historical monuments, beautiful medieval architecture, chic parks, museums, concert halls, theaters, luxury fashionable hotels, exquisite restaurants and many cozy, beautiful and most romantic cafes. Prague is incredibly beautiful, fascinating, mysterious, very cozy and tasty! It should be noted that Prague is also an excellent economical shopping, it houses a myriad of boutiques of the most famous brand companies.

Czech Republic is able to charm everyone with its magical medieval castles, the park “Czech Switzerland”, many beautiful nature reserves, one of which is “Czech Paradise” – a favorite place for outdoor enthusiasts, mysterious caves, the best beer in the world, beautiful Prague. Czech Republic is the highest level of service providing quality rest for all tastes. Czech Republic is a country that falls in love with itself for life!

Czech Republic – attractions

Traveling to the Czech Republic is an introduction to the abundance of the most amazing and beautiful sights. The country has absorbed all the architectural styles represented in its historical cities: castles, fortresses, museums, monuments of church architecture …

The main attractions of the Czech Republic are:
– St. Vitus Cathedral, which is incredibly admirable;
– Castle Orik, built in the XIII century on a high rock;
– The most visited by tourists, romantic castle Hluboka nad Vltavou, on
the territory of which is a magnificent nature reserve;
– Karlštejn Castle, the main historical pearl of the Czech Republic;
– Dobris Castle, built in the Rococo style and representing
an amazing image of the gallant era of Louis XV;
– The carved wonder of the country is Sikhrov Castle;
– A special place for pilgrimage of tourists is the “Czech Paradise”. This is unique
The nature reserve and the best place in the country for nature lovers and
active rest.
– Czech caves are a special pride of the country. In the Czech Republic there are more than 2 thousand
underground caves, which are an archaeological value.
This is by no means the most part of the amazing, intriguing and impressive sights of the Czech Republic.

Czech Republic – weather

The Czech Republic hospitably welcomes its guests not only with special cordiality, but also with its weather. The climate of the Czech Republic is temperate with warm summers and cold winters.
Average temperature: in winter from – 3 …- 2
in the spring from +4 … + 14
in summer from +12 … + 24
in autumn from +5 … + 13

Weather in Czech Republic now:

Czech Republic - rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, mapCzech Republic - rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, map

Czech Republic national cuisine

In the Czech Republic, not only everything is very beautiful, but everything is very tasty. The cuisine of the Czech Republic is a special part of the culture of the state, which undoubtedly will be appreciated by gourmets and lovers of delicious food. Czech dishes are very nourishing and varied. The restaurants of the country are exquisite, incredibly tasty dishes that only the soul wills. The highlight of the national cuisine is a dish – dumplings, which are prepared in a wide variety of options: potato, bread, onion, pate or meat filling, as well as sweet fruit or poppy. Many Czech guests come to the country to taste this delicate and delicious national dish.

To meat dishes in the Czech Republic a special attitude. Here you can taste meat cooked in a variety of options and according to old recipes. Do not leave anyone indifferent and Czech sausages, liver pates and simply amazing fish dishes, especially from carp.

Among drinks to Czech dishes, beyond doubt the favorite is Czech beer, which has won love around the world. The most popular brands of Czech beer are – Gambrinus
– Staropramen
– Budvar
– Urquell
– Pilsner
– Prazdros.

Czech Republic – interesting facts

– The Czech Republic is the second of the richest countries in Eastern Europe.
– The Czech “Paris Castle” is the largest castle in the world and is listed in
the Guinness book.
– The first beer in the Czech Republic was welded back in 993.
– The Czech Republic is the inventor of such fruit
yogurt. Also in Prague in 1951 the first in the world was opened
sobering-up station.
– Czech Republic is the birthplace of the profession “beggar”.
– In this country is the most unique in the world “cemetery” – the church
An ossuary, consisting of the remains of 40 thousand people.
– Modern Czech Republic is one of the most popular countries among tourists,
the territory of which is the largest number of medieval castles.
– The Czech language is the most difficult to study in the world.

Czech Republic – visa

Entry to the Czech Republic is visa.

In the Czech Republic you can apply for such visas:
– Long-term (issued to individuals whose purpose of visit is training,
entrepreneurship, work, family connection with a foreigner living
in the Czech Republic);
– Short-term (issued to persons whose purpose of visit is tourism,
visiting friends, relatives), is issued for a period of up to three months
(35 €);
– transit.
The standard time for issuing a visa to the Czech Republic is 5 working days.

Czech Republic – consulate

The Consulate of the Czech Republic in Moscow is located on the street. Julius Fucik, 12/14
bodies: (+7 095) 2510540
fax: (+7 095) 2501523

Map of the Czech Republic

Czech Republic - rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, map

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