Cocos Islands for tourists – there you have not been! What makes tourists happy on Cocos Islands

Cocos Islands for tourists - there you have not been! What makes tourists happy on Cocos Islands

Cocos (Keeling) Islands is an archipelago of 27 small islands of the Indian Ocean of coral origin.

Territorially they belong to Australia, the official language is English, the religion of the local population is Islam.

The monetary unit is the Australian dollar. The archipelago consists of the northern part – the uninhabited North Killing atoll – and the southern part, which includes 26 small islands.

Only two of them are permanently inhabited – Home and West Island. Their total population does not exceed 600 people.

On islands tropical climate, from October to April – a season of cyclones. Indisputable advantage is the year-round tourist season, the average annual temperature on the islands is 20-27 ° C, but the heat is not felt due to wet winds. The name of its archipelago was due to coconut palms, in a huge number of growing here. Tourists arrive at Keeling on small passenger ships and yachts or by air to the international airport of the “Cocos Islands Archipelago”.

Holiday on the Cocos Islands will be attractive to people who dream of spending time away from civilization, in peace and quiet some heavenly corner. Feature of the islands are beautiful comfortable beaches, clear clear water, bright exotic nature, including a rich underwater world, which will especially please fans of diving, snorkeling and fishing. Not far from North Kiling, at the site of the battle of the ships “Sydney” and “Emden” in 1914, scuba divers still find on the bottom of the individual details of the German cruiser.

Most hotels on the islands of Keeling are presented huts and bungalows, supermodern luxury hotels you will not find here. The most comfortable and popular among tourists is the hotel Cocos Castaway.

The attractions of Cocos Islands are not abundant. For tourists, there are excursions to the North Keeling Archipelago, to the picturesque Pulu Keeling Reserve, where you can see a lot of sea birds.

Horsberg Island – one of the atolls of the Cocos Islands – has a certain historical value. During the Second World War, the firing positions of British naval guns were installed here. Here Ceylon artillerymen, wishing to give up the island of Japan, raised a mutiny that was soon suppressed. Today, the island has two remaining battery-powered 6-inch guns.

The Visitors Center of the Cocos Islands is in the Administration Building on West Island. There is an opportunity to get the most comprehensive information about what can be done and what to see on the Cocos Islands.

The Cocos Islands is located on the island of West. There are three large waiting rooms, a weather station and a hangar. Also here you can admire the unforgettable panoramic view from the observation deck.

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