Canada – rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, map

Canada - rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, map

Canada – a state occupying a significant territory of North America. This country is on the second place in the world in terms of the size of the territory. It is washed by the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans. Southern borders Canada shares with the US, the northeast – with Denmark, the eastern – with France. The border between the US and Canada is the longest common border in the world.

In Canada, about 34 million people live. Archaeological excavations show that in the country people lived already 26.5 thousand years ago. Bluffish and Old Crow Flats are the most ancient archaeological sites in the country.

Indigenous people are Indians, today they make about 500 thousand people. Canada is a country of diverse ethnic composition. According to the latest data, it is inhabited by 43 groups of peoples. Canadians make up the most significant of them – about 31%. Next come the British – 20%, the French – 15%, the Scots – 14.5%, the Irish – 13%, the Germans – 9.7%, the Italians – 4.4%, the Chinese – 4%, the Indians – 3.8% Ukrainians – 3,7%, Dutch – 3,2%, Poles – 3%, Austronesians – 3%, Russians – 1,5%.

Canada is called a country of immigrants. The main increase in the population is due to immigrants from other countries of the world who know about the excellent conditions for a relaxed family life, created in Canada. There are no racial conflicts, people of different nationalities and religions are perfectly at work here.

In Canada, a constitutional monarchy has been established, while the parliament also operates. The country is bilingual, official languages ​​are French and English. An educated person, who occupies a serious post in the state, speaks fluent in both languages. Traditionally, even the reports in the Parliament are read partly in English, partly in French.

In view of the special diversity, the religious composition is also heterogeneous. Christians consider themselves 77% of Canada’s population, 17% – atheists, the rest of the country’s residents are representatives of various faiths.

The national currency is the Canadian dollar.

Canada – the capital and major cities

The capital of Canada is the city of Ottawa with a population of 875,000 people. It is located on the bank of the river of the same name. In terms of living standards, Ottawa ranks 6th in the world. It is governed by the Council, which is headed by the mayor.

The city became a metropolitan city in the middle of the 19th century, when the separate units merged into a single state.

Ottawa is characterized by a large number of green spaces and water. Streets in the city are staggered. Residential houses are mostly of small storeys. Ottawa is separated from the suburban zone by the Green Belt (forests and arable land).

Other major cities in Canada are Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary.

Canada – Holidays and Tours

Canada has long been an attractive tourist destination. A country of enormous length and centuries-old history has concentrated on its area an incredible number of monuments of ancient and modern culture. In Canada, they go for hiking, bus, water, air excursions.

Traveling along the St. Lawrence River of the province of Quebec, you can learn about the French heritage, which the cities of Montreal and Quebec are kept with special trepidation. And those tourists who want to visit Newfoundland or Labrador, will be able to get acquainted with the history of the ancient Vikings.

Fans of ecotourism Canada will open a wide variety of areas with incredible beauty scenery. Due to its long length, the country has natural zones, differing from each other by flora, fauna and surface features. In Canada, built about 40 park areas, many protected areas. The most famous are the parks located in the Rocky Mountains. Here, there is an opportunity not only to contemplate, but also to engage in fishing, mountaineering, biking, swimming on fast rivers.

Those provinces of Canada, which are in the coastal zones, have the opportunity to demonstrate to tourists the beauty of the oceans. Water tours are organized to monitor the life of birds and large marine life in their natural conditions. It is best to observe whales and seals in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Especially popular in recent years are the observations of drifting icebergs. The Beaufort Sea and the Atlantic Ocean provide this opportunity. Also interesting are observations of the northern lights. It is most often seen in Watson Lake.

Traditional beach holidays are common in the southern parts of the country. The best beaches are located in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Diving and downhill skiing are the types of active spending time that many tourists enjoy, in Canada they are available in many provinces and cities.

Incredible popularity is enjoyed by tourism with a view to making purchases. West Edmonton is one of the world’s most famous shopping centers. There are about 800 shops, three dozen cinemas, more than 100 restaurants and a casino and many entertaining clubs.

Canada – attractions

Quebec has a list of attractions that tourists usually pay attention to. Among them, Cape Diamant, surrounded by fortress walls of the 17th century, the Citadel built by the British in the 19th century, the building of the National Assembly, the Chateau-Frontignac hotel and others.

In the Jacques-Cartier Strait, there is a National Park, called the Mingan archipelago. Caves, grottoes, rocks and bridges were created by nature itself, or rather by the power of water. Inside the caves there are magnificent views: fanciful formations from the remains of ancient inhabitants of the sea depths.

The first road of Canada was called the Royal Road. It was created to ride horse-drawn carriages. Since the end of the 18th century, this road connected the most important provincial cities – Montreal and Quebec.

In the largest Canadian province (by the number of inhabitants) – Toronto, among the main attractions – the Valley of the Great Lakes, the skyscraper – the TV tower of the CN Tower, the Art Gallery, the Royal Museum. In this area there is also the famous Niagara Falls.

In the capital of Canada – Ottawa, the main part of the city is recognized as the Parliament Hill. There is a whole complex of houses built in the style of “Gothic”. The year of construction is 1922, and the tower of the World is the central part of the composition.

Canada – weather (climate)

Each region of Canada is characterized by its own climate. This is due to the large length of the country from north to south and from west to east.

Winter can be quite severe, the average temperature in January is sometimes -15 degrees. Temperature records in Canada are not uncommon. So there were years when the thermometer’s column dropped to -45 degrees! And at the same time, the icy, piercing winds are blowing.

The lowest temperature in the winter was recorded in the Yukon (-63 degrees). In addition, the height of the snow cover in some areas reaches 3-4 meters in height!

But there are territories with a temperate climate, where both winter and summer are soft enough, without sudden temperature fluctuations. For example, the coast of British Columbia.

Weather in Canada now:

Canada - rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, mapCanada - rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, map

Canada – cuisine

The cuisine of Canada was formed under the influence of English and American traditions. And only in Quebec is dominated by recipes of French origin. And in Nova Scotia, both British and Norwegian dishes were distributed.

Multinational composition is the main source of cultural mixing. And the kitchen is not an exception. Chinese, Russian, Greek and Ukrainian treats are prepared as their national dishes. And even the “fast food” that came from America, firmly established itself among the fast-food restaurants in Canada.

A typical Canadian meal is a juicy steak. It is made from fish or meat.

Everything about meat is in Canada at a premium. Langets, roast beef, steaks are prepared everywhere. And “fillet-brochette” is considered the main national dish. This is bacon, strung on a skewer in turn with champignons and onions. It is fried on a spit.

Vegetable soup is the traditional first dish in this country. Most often it is prepared with cauliflower and tomatoes. Also Canadians like soup with greens, noodles and croutons.

Seafood and fish are an indispensable part of the menu.

But the highlight of cooking in Canada was the famous maple syrup. It is brewed from the spring juice of Canadian maple. The juice is boiled to a thick state, and no additional ingredient is used. To make a liter of syrup, you need to take 40 liters of juice.

Canada – interesting facts

In Canada, the Royal Mounted Police. In the common people it is called “red uniforms”, because the form of these employees is painted in this color.

This is the only structure in the world that performs such functions. In some provinces, the horse police does not have all the power, since its own police authorities operate here.

The mounted police gained fame during the “gold rush” period. Hollywood somewhat embellished and exaggerated the role of this service. To this day, the horse police is the main guardian of the law in Canada.

Canada – Visa Processing

To enter Canada, you need a visa. It is made through the Embassy of the country or through any accredited organization.

Required documents:
• International passport,
• Color or black and white photos,
• Application form in French or English,
• Description of the route,
• Information about the availability of the required amount of currency,
• Information from the place of work, study.

Canada – Embassy

In Moscow, the Embassy of Canada is located on Starokonyushenny Lane, house 23. Phone: 925-60-00.

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