Cambodia – rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, map

Cambodia - rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, map

Kingdom Cambodia is located on the island of Indochina. On the western side, the state borders with Thailand, in the north its neighbors are Laos, and in the east – Vietnam. This Southeast Asian country is washed by the waters of the Gulf of Thailand. The total territory of Cambodia is 181 thousand square kilometers.

The main water artery of the country is the Mekong River. The population of the Kingdom of Cambodia is 12 million people, of which 95% are ethnic Khmers, 4% are Chinese and 1% are Vietnamese. The official language of the country is Khmer, and English and French are also used. The religious direction of the country is Buddhism (95% of the population), and Muslims and Catholics are also living in Cambodia. The state system of Cambodia is a constitutional monarchy. The monetary unit of the country is riel.

Cambodia – the capital and the largest cities

The capital of the Cambodian kingdom is Phnom Penh with a population of up to 1 million people. This city was the most beautiful city of French colonial Asia.
Phnom Penh is the largest city in the country, after it goes: – Angkor
– Sihanoukville
– Siem Reap.

Cambodia – holidays and tours

The Kingdom of Cambodia, in recent years quite rapidly develops tourist infrastructure. The country has emerged from a decade-long war and isolation, and today the modern Cambodia is becoming an increasingly attractive country for tourists. The Kingdom is now not an addition to the excursion programs of Vietnam and Thailand, but has become an independent tourist destination.

The largest seaside resort in Cambodia is Sihanoukville, which is located on a peninsula in the Gulf of Thailand. This resort is famous for its sandy beaches, which are framed by luxurious palm groves. Warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand, white sands of beaches, new modern hotels and beach bungalows are attracting tourists from all over the world. The resort offers many well-equipped beaches and a wide variety of activities: swimming, water skiing, diving, fishing … Most of the resort’s beaches are located near the city center. But in Sihanoukville there are also almost uninhabited places for admirers of secluded rest.

Resort Battambang is the second largest city of Cambodia and is not only a paradise for rest, but also very interesting for tourists with its well-preserved colonial buildings.

Resort Kep was a favorite vacation spot of the French colonial elite, and today it is the most popular resort with the French. Kep – this is an ideal cozy place for a quiet comfortable rest. It attracts special silence, incredible natural beauty and the best on all coast crabs.

Siam-Rip is the gateway to the unique temples of Angkor, the cultural and spiritual center of the country. In the city there are many not only unique attractions, but also high-class SPA-salons, fashionable hotels and entertainment for every taste.

Cambodia – attractions

The Kingdom of Cambodia is proud of its unique, mysterious and intriguing beauty attractions that surprise and impress the guests of the country. Samy itself is a magnificent and famous monument of ancient culture – it is Angkor, representing a single, beautiful complex of ornate palaces and temples. The area of ​​Angkor is 200 square kilometers. on which more than 100 temples and palaces have been preserved. Angkor is under the auspices of UNESCO.

Guests of the country, no doubt. it will be very interesting to visit the city of Roluos, in which was the capital of King Jayavarman II. All the temples in the city were built at the end of the IX century. In the city and to this day there is a functioning Buddhist monastery.

Incredible impressions will give tourists the pride of Cambodia, its capital – Phnom Penh, which was founded in the XIV century and is a major port. Among the many cultural monuments of the city, the most famous are
– the monastery of Phnom Penh;
– famous for the whole world “Silver Pagoda”;
– a luxurious complex of the Royal Palace.

Traveling to the mysterious Cambodian kingdom is an opportunity to feel the special charm of this country, get acquainted with the samples of the magnificent, brilliant art of the Khmer civilization, and, of course, the opportunity to have a superb rest in the exotic world.

Cambodia – weather (climate)

The temperature in Cambodia very rarely drops below + 25C. Even in the rainy season (June – October) the average temperature is from +27 to +35. The most favorable time for tourists is November – February, the average temperature during this period is from +20 to +27 and almost always sunny. The hottest time in the country is March – May, the average temperature in this period is from 29 to 39.

Weather in Cambodia now:

Cambodia - rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, mapCambodia - rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, map

Cambodia – kitchen

National Cambodian cuisine is mostly rice, meat, fish, vegetables and greens. Cambodia is preparing a huge variety of traditional dishes, but the main place in the country’s cuisine is given to soups that are cooked on open fire from different types of meat and seafood. In the menu of national cuisine, there are always a variety of pickled and sour vegetables, as well as smoked products (fish and meat).

Cambodian cuisine is characterized as rather spicy and spicy with a sweetish taste. Particular attention is paid to the variety of sauces.

Sweet desserts are very popular in the country. It should be noted that in the kitchen of Cambodia, products such as frogs, insects, spiders, turtles and snakes are often used as ingredients.

From drinks to Cambodia, preference is given to freshly squeezed bamboo juice and green tea, as well as beer. It should be noted that the country has an excellent beer industry.

Cambodia – interesting facts

– The Kingdom of Cambodia is prohibited from entering Arabs and Turks.
– The name Cambodia is only in Russia and some other countries, and
in the world the country is called – Kampuchea.
– There are no children’s homes in Cambodia.
– Education in the kingdom is not mandatory.
– Almost all the hotels in the country are the highest service and luxury.
– It is interesting that in the country, the tax code takes only three pages.
– The Kingdom of Cambodia is a favorite vacation spot for the French.

Cambodia – visa

For a trip to Cambodia, a visa is required: – tourist or transit.
To obtain a tourist visa to the Kingdom of Cambodia, a standard package of documents is required. The period for consideration of an application is usually one day, a tourist visa is issued for 30 days, its cost is $ 20.

Cambodia – Embassy

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Cambodia in Moscow is located
on the street. Starokonoshenny lane. 16
phone: 637-47-36

Map of Cambodia

Cambodia - rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, map

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