Albania – rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, map

Albania - rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, map

Albania It is located in the western part of the Balkans, in the southeast of Europe. It borders on Serbia, Greece, Montenegro and Macedonia. From the south-west side it is washed by the Ionian Sea, with the western Adriatic.

The population of Albania is approximately 3.5 million people, of whom 95% are Albanians. The other nationalities that inhabit it are Montenegrins, Slovaks, Greeks and Gypsies.

The official language in this country is Albanian, but one can also meet Italian, Greek and even some Slavic languages.

The local currency called lek equals 100 kindergartens. In the back of a banknote from 100 to 5000 leks and coins in nominal value from 1 to 100 leks. In different years, banknotes of the same denomination were issued, but differing in appearance. Also in Albania you can freely pay with American dollars and euros.

The 2010 population census showed that Muslims in Albania make up 48.8%, Orthodox – 43% and Catholics – 8%.

Albania – the capital and major cities

The capital of Albania Tirana became in 1920. The population of the megalopolis is according to official data for 2010 – 386 420 inhabitants, and according to unofficial – almost a million people. Its population in terms of ethnic composition is almost homogeneous, most of them are Albanians. The city is quite compact, and therefore it is pleasant for hiking. About 80% of all industrial enterprises of the country are concentrated in it. There are very few architectural attractions in the capital. Only in the old center of Tirana has some traditional oriental features preserved in the layout.

Also it is possible to note such large cities as Durres, Vlora, Berat, Lushnya, Korcha, Elbasan, Fieri and Shkoder.

Albania – holidays and tours

The coast of the Adriatic Sea is a wonderful place for rest of the whole family, especially as in Albania hotels are located among the pine forest. The Ionian Sea favorably differs from the rest with its small beaches and crystal clear water. Albania is a mountainous country, and it is also famous for its lakes. Almost all cities have their own lake.

In Albania, you can successfully combine sea tours with historical and cultural. This country, in addition to the clear sea, snow-white sand, nature, ancient history and the Mediterranean climate, offers a rich cultural rest.

Albania – attractions

Tirana is a very beautiful cosmopolitan city with its own unique charm. He gradually gets rid of the gray past and blossoms right before our eyes. There are many charming cozy parks, bright beautiful buildings, galleries, entertainment centers and museums. In the heart of Tirana are beautiful statues, frescoes and the Pyramid, in which the eternal peace of Enver Hoxha was found. Despite the fact that Albania had a communist past, the city has many religious buildings, churches, which contain valuable wall paintings and icons.

Not far from the capital, in Krui, stands the medieval castle of Scandenberg, which houses two museums, and next to the castle there is a restored Ottoman bazaar where you can buy souvenirs and works of local artisans.

No less interesting is the fortress of Rosafa, which was built before the Roman conquest. In 1913, she was involved in military operations.

One of the most ancient cities of Albania is Berat. Its architectural monuments were listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List, while the city itself is like an open-air museum. Berat often names the city a thousand windows, because he has just outstanding monuments of the Ottoman Empire.

The magic city of Saranda is suitable for those who dream of a romantic break by the sea. It has a fairly developed tourist infrastructure and affordable prices. A pleasant atmosphere immediately captivates travelers! Luxurious coasts, picturesque streets and unsurpassed landscapes will be remembered for a long time after a romantic holiday.

But do not just limit yourself to the coast, because there are so many beautiful places in Albania. Almost in every village or town you can find fascinating landscapes, charming houses and picturesque churches with ancient icons and murals.

For example, in Berduotchi you can observe the life of herons, curly pelicans and other equally beautiful birds. Nobody will remain indifferent to the mountain scenery, color and culture of local villages, research of accessible and interesting archaeological monuments, such as the abandoned city of Apolonia or the Roman amphitheater in the town of Duroossi.

You can go hiking in the mountains of Albania, for example, on the Torroni massif or in the north of the country to the Alps.

Also there are wonderful routes for bike trips, in winter you can snowboard and ski. Moreover, there are a lot of mountain rivers, so there is an opportunity to go rafting, kayaking or to perform rafting on kayaks, but already in places where the river is calmer.

Albania – weather

The climate in Albania is temperate subtropical Mediterranean. Hot dry summer (in July +24 +28 C) and a damp cool winter (in the north +6, in the south + 14C). The temperature regime depends on how far the location is located above the sea level. Because in some parts of the country in the winter there are up to -20 C, in the summer not higher than +10C.

Precipitation falls in the amount of 600-800 mm per year, the largest number falls on the spring and autumn periods. In mountainous areas, at an altitude of about 1000 meters, the snow cover can last for several months.

Weather in Albania now:

Albania - rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, mapAlbania - rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, map

Albania – kitchen

In Albania preference is given to meat (lamb, beef), fish (trout and carp) and vegetables. At one time, a huge influence on the local had Slavic, Turkish and Greek cuisine.

It is necessary to try such national dishes as kukurech, fargesa-tyrant, shish-kebab, ice-cream, and sweet rice cakes. Summer gives preference to cucumber soup and a cheater.

Albanians prefer very strong coffee, this should not be forgotten when making an order at a local restaurant.

Of alcohol, white wines are the best. Lovers of stronger liquors will be satisfied, having tasted infusions of herrings on herbs, local brandies and fruit liqueurs.

Albania – interesting facts

Albanians, strangely enough, confirm what was said not with a nod, but with a shake of the head from side to side. Their negative gesture corresponds to our “yes”, that is, a nod of the head. In Tirana and other major cities, this is not so common, but in the province people are true to their customs, so often there is a misunderstanding between tourists and local residents.

Albania – visa registration

Citizens of the Russian Federation, who decided to visit this country from May 30 to October 31, do not need a visa (during this period, a private visit is possible for 90 days).

If there is a national visa of category D for any of the Schengen countries or Schengen visa category C, the Albanian visa will not be required either. If there are no such documents, you need to take care of the appropriate visa in advance. Under a private invitation, its cost will be from $ 5, business visa will cost $ 20.

Albania – Embassy

117049 Moscow, Mytnaya St., d. 3 sq. M. 8
Tel. 230-77-32

Map of Albania

Albania - rest, sights, weather, cuisine, tours, photo, map

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