8 most expensive tourist trips of the planet

8 most expensive tourist trips of the planet

Rest in the East and West European countries can now afford almost anyone. Having accumulated a certain amount for a working year, you can have a good rest with your family on the shores of the Mediterranean or the Black Sea, or you can devote time to reviewing world famous landmarks. However, there is a small layer of very wealthy people who have the opportunity to spend a holiday with an unprecedented scale. Here everything is decided by money. For a certain amount, you can organize yourself just incredible such pastime. Let’s get acquainted with the eight most expensive tours on the planet.

Uninhabited island

8 most expensive tourist trips of the planet

On the island of Musha Cay, which is part of the Bahamas, there are five separate villas, which can only be rented together. Thus, tourists who want to relax in this heavenly place, will have to rent an entire island. According to the rules, together with the temporary owners of the villas can come only 23 guests.

In the event that guests are less than 12 people, daily rest, including food from local cooks and expensive and exclusive alcohol, will cost $ 37.5 thousand, and if invited there will be 23 people, then $ 50 thousand per day

For a full-fledged recreation of wealthy people on the island there are tennis, golf and diving coaches, a spa, various entertainments for children, etc. In the event that guests will miss something, they will deliver everything they want during the day .

Traveling across the world

8 most expensive tourist trips of the planet

Annually 18 people go on a round-the-world trip. Each of them has such a pleasure at $ 105 thousand. In New York, these lucky ones board aboard a magnificent private liner and in eighteen worlds fly over 26 days. During the tour they stop at the elite hotels. The trip ends with the arrival in Miami.

African safari

8 most expensive tourist trips of the planet

According to observations, African safari every year is becoming increasingly popular. There are companies that offer a safari at a price of $ 30 thousand per person (the group can include no more than 8 travelers).

The trip includes visits to five African countries, where one can visit their national parks. Curiously, with the usual safari guides honestly warn that it is unlikely to meet all the expected animals. Here you can see almost any animal.

During the tour the companies use helicopters and radar to help track the movement of animals, which gives an absolute guarantee that you will still be able to see a giraffe or a leopard.

Sea cruise

8 most expensive tourist trips of the planet

A round-the-world trip on a luxury liner Queen Mary 2, occupying 106 nights, in a cabin for two will cost $ 340 thousand. In addition, you will be provided with a private gym, private pool and personal butler.

In case you go incognito travel, then you will definitely be provided with: a descent to the shore will be carried out on a separate ladder, in addition, you can use your personal boat.

A trip to the best places of interest in the world

8 most expensive tourist trips of the planet

A curious two-year tour, which involves visiting 157 countries with world-famous architectural monuments. The budget package of the tour will cost lovers of attractions $ 1.5 million.

The whole matter is complicated by the fact that many of the world’s treasures are scattered very far apart, and some are simply located in dangerous points of life, for example, in zones of military conflicts. However, the organizers promise to solve the problem of how to deliver tireless travelers to the hot spots of the earth and how to bring them out unscathed from there.

A space flight

8 most expensive tourist trips of the planet

The flight into space will cost only $ 100 thousand. Such money must be paid for preflight training and the possibility of being in outer space for an hour. However, if you for some reason can not fly, money will not be returned to you.

Culinary World Mecca Tour

8 most expensive tourist trips of the planet

For only $ 200 thousand, you can visit all the top restaurants in the world. Most of them are located in the USA, England, France, Hong Kong and in some Scandinavian countries.

Evening with a Geisha

8 most expensive tourist trips of the planet

$ 25 thousand will be worth a 10-day tour of Japan. During the trip, you will stop at the best hotels and eat at elite restaurants. However, the main thing is the opportunity to spend time with a geisha who not only communicates with you, but also holds a real tea ceremony.

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