10 reasons to not like Seychelles

10 reasons to not like Seychelles

Seychelles … What draws our imagination at the first moment, when you hear this name? Turquoise ocean, sparkling white sand, blue cloudless sky, coconut palms bent right to the water’s edge and … serenity.

But this is just an imposed stereotype, a beautiful picture of the advertising “Bounty” and booklets on wedding travel. In fact, the Seychelles is far from being such a paradise, as many people imagine it. Those who have lived there for a while, know what it is possible not to like these islands for.

  • For the extraordinary high cost of local life. In the Seychelles there is no livestock and almost no farming, so most of the products are imported from outside, and the prices in supermarkets are much higher than in Europe. In inexpensive stores, the assortment is very limited, many cottage cheese and kefir are not available. The choice of fruits (except for local exotics) in the market is also small.
  • For complications with medical care. Only one state hospital with good equipment is located in the capital of Victoria on the island of Mahe. At the same time, there are few pharmacies on the islands and a small selection of medicines.
  • For the growing level of crime. The basic population of Seychelles lives very poorly, lately the drug addiction has spread. Seychelles are lazy, like to drink, and therefore steal valuables in hotels and in the homes of wealthy foreigners. Often there are thefts on deserted “wild” beaches, can gently pull out money and credit cards, leaving the purse itself. The police work very formally, there is practically no real help from it.
  • For the poor quality of local goods and lack of choice of household appliances. Therefore, many fly to shopping in Dubai, Singapore or Mauritius. Local souvenirs are very expensive, and bargaining is not accepted.
  • For interruptions with water. There are days when it is given only for an hour a day, you have to take a shower and do all household affairs. This is due to the fact that there is no fresh water in the Seychelles, and its main source is rain. By the way, it is not advisable to drink water from the tap.
  • For the inconvenient mode of operation of local stores. On working days they are open from 8 to 17 hours, and on Saturdays from 8 to 12 hours. At the same time, lunch is from 12 to 13 hours. On Sunday, the shops do not work.
  • For lack of normal service in many hotels at very high prices for vacation. Therefore, it is often said that nature in Seychelles corresponds to 5 stars, and service – only three.
  • For a small amount of cultural entertainment and attractions. In the capital of the Seychelles – Victoria – you can see a mini copy of Big Ben, an Indian temple, visit the museum of natural history, that’s all the monuments of art. And from the entertainment of nightlife there are only a few cinemas, casinos and discos in rural style, where rhythms of reggae and Creole music sound.
  • For many omnipresent gecko (local lizards), adoring climbing into houses and hotel bungalows in search of food leftovers, rustling at night in trash cans.
  • Finally, for the increased humidity and seasons of tropical rains, because of which many things, leather products and furniture smell of mildew.

Text: Natalia Bochkareva

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