Passion for the Diva or what is busy Alla Pugacheva

Passion for the Diva or what is busy Alla Pugacheva
Many are interested in what the Primadonna is doing now, because she has two small children and a rich social life! And it was busy, Alla Borisovna, launching a new major project. The new school of children’s aesthetic-creative development “Future Star” was recently opened in Moscow. The educational program of the center will include vocal lessons, choreography basics, basics of ethics and foreign language courses. It is this set of disciplines that seems to be an organizer especially relevant both for our days and outside of time. As pupils are invited to everyone, at the age from three to sixteen. A graduate of the famous “Star Factory”, charming Irsen Kudikova will take the honorary post of director. And to supervise the entire educational process will, of course, the very prima donna, especially since she has a rich experience of working with children and this center is the second project, under the direction of Alla Borisovna. It is also interesting that with the participation of the pupils of the first center two concerts have already taken place, demonstrating the talents of young talents. Organizers consider it very important to hold such events, since they not only develop children, but also bring them a lot of fun, opening the opportunity to speak in public. It is also important that loving parents will be able to taste the fruits of children’s success and experience a sense of pride in offspring. The first concert took place in the well-known school of Alla Dukhova, and the second – in the house of Alla Borisovna and Maxim Galkin.

At the inauguration of the school a lot of famous guests came together – not only, every day Pugacheva herself opens educational centers, but also such wide-profile ones! There were such stars as Boris Moiseev, Philip Kirkorov, Diana Gurtskaya, Yudashkin’s couple who shared joy with the Prima donna. King of our stage – Philip Kirkorov, as usual, was original and presented Pugacheva with an unusual gift – the magic wand of the young magician Harry Potter. Young pupils of the first creative center did not miss the opportunity to once again please the famous guests and made a festive concert. Especially distinguished son of the newly-made director Irsen Kudikova – Andrei Nusinov, who, despite his young age, very adulthood performed the hit James Brown “I feel good”.

Education in the star school will cost everyone at thirty-nine thousand rubles a month. Of course, not every family can afford such a pleasure. But interesting is the fact that Alla Borisovna announced the possibility of considering free education for a child from a low-income family, in the case of a unique talent and hard work on the part of the pupil. His children, Harry and Lisa, Alla Borisovna is also determined to bring her to the center of aesthetic and creative development, explaining that the feeling of beauty should be brought to children from the earliest childhood, namely, from the age of three. And also added that the world will not be saved by beauty, as it is commonly believed, namely, kindness and good taste.

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